Thursday, 22 October 2015


The list doesn’t end here, there are many such brands that used various social networking platforms to create a social buzz in the market, but only some could manage to make a lasting impact on the minds of the customers. The five cases that we mentioned were few of them.

Have you noticed how some of our favorite brands are everywhere?  Or maybe they become our favorite because they are everywhere? With the proliferation of the “internet of things”, marketers have understood the importance of Social media in branding, and now consider Social Buzz as an integral part of their all-around marketing strategy. Created for a good reason, or bad, the social buzz do affect the overall ranking of brand, and as a result the brands are coming up with the more innovative advertising ideas, that don’t even appear like advertisements. Here are the case studies of a few brands that put the best foot forward with Social Media Optimization and created a brand buzz, by taking the advantage of the various social networking media.

Dove created a buzz in the market by its much talked about social campaign “#speakbeatiful”. The brand won the most loved brand award at the Oscars 2015 with a huge number of 29,250 social mentions on twitter. Dove and twitter together took an initiative to detect the usage of the negative language for “body-shaming” on twitter, and delivered non-automated constructive advice to the real women to turn those negative tweets into positive. The brand gained 91% of positive response from the people, and the hashtag gained recognition over all the dominant social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

From Mcdonalds, to Jell-o, tic-tacs and puffs; minions were over every social networking site you may take a look on a while ago. While the McDonald’s used the hashtag #MinionsATMcDonalds and gave away a lovely happy meal toy in the concert of the upcoming minion movie; tic-tac, Jell-o, and puffs used the #minion to strengthen their social campaigns.

On the launch of its most affordable 4g cell phone in India, Lenovo used a unique technique to engage people in their social campaign. The company used the face of the brand “Ranbir Kapoor” in their promotion. Ranbir Kapoor, who is absent from all the social networking sites was convinced by the company to come on six different social networking sites, to entertain his fans, using the newly launched smartphone. Ranbir’s entry on various social platforms thus created a buzz for Lenovo A6000.

In their bizarre “sweat it, to get it” social campaign, Gatorade with the help of some NFL pros asked the customers to shed a bit of sweat to get a drink from the vending machine. The recorded videos were published on YouTube and gained many views and likes. The company made the experience of getting a Gatorade fun and shared the videos on YouTube to show it to the world.

One of the renowned Life Insurance Company of India, HDFC collaborated with the team of three stand-up comedians that made videos on bad investments to engage the viewers on twitter. The campaigns created a massive buzz on twitter and engaged the huge amount of fans by using a variety of contests, creative, and videos.

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